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Together in 2020: Prayer Focus

As followers of Jesus we are extending his amazing invitation to know him and to partner together with him in Kingdom life. It’s an invitation to:

  • Relational intimacy with Jesus
  • Empowerment by the Holy Spirit
  • Belong to a family
  • Make disciples
  • Suffer and sacrifice
  • Use our gifts
  • Experience and spread joy

What might happen if all of us – on the field and in our churches – would say “yes” to this invitation? Pray that:

  • We will experience deep relationship with Jesus

  • It will be natural and normal to be daily empowered and led by the Holy Spirit

  • All generations will experience belonging as members of God’s family

  • Each person will be equipped to use their gifts

  • Christians will think of themselves as ambassadors of a heavenly kingdom

  • Every church will see itself as an outpost from heaven

  • A spirit of action will compel us

  • We will grow through suffering and sacrifice

  • We will be committed to truth and obedience

  • Many new children will join the family

  • Jesus will be revered as Lord of the kingdom

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