Giving 2020

Help introduce the world to Jesus this Christmas.

Rosedale International (RI) is focused on taking the transformative love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. We do so by concentrating on least-reached groups of people who have little or no access to this good news.

The special projects featured here give you a chance to directly impact someone’s life in a tangible way. Each opportunity has been selected to connect you with workers and locations where we are currently serving or have planted churches in the past.


2020 Projects

 $1 per book  |  South Asia


In South Asia, there are hundreds of languages in which there is little to no Christian literature available. The Jesus Messiah Picture Book aims to make the Gospel stories accessible to more people in their heart languages, and is currently available in 36 different dialects. For one dollar you can give an individual book, for $1,600 a new translation can be completed.

 $4 per person  |  Southeast Asia


The team that RI partners with in Southeast Asia are planning a New Year’s Eve event in a village with very few Christians. They will invite everyone in the village to a meal and an evening of games, singing, and hearing the good news about Jesus. They have done this in other villages for the past few years and have found it to be an effective way of building relationships and drawing people closer to Jesus.

 $7 per kit  |  Global


This ongoing project provides children around the world with the simple, yet practical gift of school supplies. Every kit is purchased and distributed by local church leaders, and includes pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, a ruler, eraser, and pencil sharpener – blessing each child with the materials they need to attend school and receive an education.

 $10 per gift  |  Thailand


Help provide toys to the children of Cambodian migrant workers this Christmas. Thom (a Thai friend of our mission workers) goes into their impoverished neighborhoods of Bangkok each week to spend time with them, sing, play games, and teach about Jesus. Your gift will provide presents for her annual Christmas party where each child will receive something special to let them know they are loved and valued.

 $12 per tree  |  Global


Families in need around the world will be presented with fruit trees uniquely selected for their climate and growing conditions. As the trees mature, they will provide sustenance and a potential income from the sale of harvested fruit.

 $20 per mat  |  Ethiopia


For Ethiopian Muslims, the use of chairs in their homes or mosques is uncommon. When they become followers of Jesus, they continue this custom of sitting on the ground during times of Bible study and worship. This project aims to provide at least 100 comfortable sitting mats to these new believers and the various small churches they attend.

 $135 per month  |  Thailand


The RI workers of 58:12 United provide a weekly outreach to the vulnerable children of Pattaya, Thailand – a city with incredibly high rates of sex and labor trafficking. Gifts given to 58:12 will cover the outreach expenses for a month – including snacks, printed Bible and English materials, translators, and rewards for the children.

 $500 per bull / $2k per heifer  |  North Africa


Dairy cows and beef calves are very desirable in North Africa, but are often too expensive for families to buy outright. RI workers in this region have partnered with an association of local farmers to help supply cattle and make ownership a feasible option for farming families. This endeavor aims to create sustainable sources of income in the area, and through your support, the project will be able to bless more families in the community.


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