Board & Reports

RI’s Board is made up of nine business and church leaders. They meet four times a year, providing guidance for RI’s operation, programs, personnel, and policy. The board works with administrative staff to shape RI’s vision and provide accountability for fulfilling that vision.

Highlights from the February 2020 board meeting.

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Your Mission, Our Mission Consultation

RI’s decennial missions consultation was a time of inspiration and learning. Held the last day of CMC’s annual Pastors Conference, the consultation featured input from missionary Nik Ripken, author of The Insanity of God, and Yemiru Tilahun, a mission leader from Meserete Kristos Church, the largest Anabaptist fellowship in the world, based in Ethiopia. Ellen Livingood, president of Catalyst Services, provided helpful insight on partnerships in the current mission environment. RI staff and board will be processing learnings from the consultation—including feedback from attendees—at the next board meeting in early May.

Mature and Multiply Summit

Joe (President) shared that RI was privileged to host the first-ever CMC Mature & Multiply Summit at the Rosedale International Center, February 6-8. The summit brought together leadership teams from nine CMC congregations for a time of vision casting, story sharing, and goal setting around three areas of focus: church recalibration, church planting, and ministry to the Amish. During the summit there was a strong sense of connection, open engagement, and a desire to learn and grow from the leadership teams. It was a gift for RI to be able to share in the momentum to mature and multiply that is growing in our churches.

West Africa Exploration Trip

Jerry (Assistant Global Mission Director) shared that he and Isaac (Director of Short-Term Programs) went with two others to explore possibilities of future work in Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, and The Gambia. For reasons including a large population of unreached people, easy to obtain visas, and many ministry opportunities, Jerry encourages RI to consider West Africa as a new field of ministry.

Ride for Missions Florida

RFMFL will take place on March 27-29, 2020. This winter ride is open to cyclists of all ages and abilities. Come and enjoy three days of pedaling, sightseeing, and fun in Central Florida, all while supporting the work of Rosedale International.

Notice: Since this board meeting the situation regarding this ride has changed as a result of the Coronavirus. We will update the status of it once we have made further decisions based on CDC recommendations.


Larry and Dot (LAMP Directors) shared a report from LAMP representatives in Ecuador, Dion and Naty, about a missions mobilization event that had a good turnout as well as plans for a missions camp. They are interested in starting a Calibrate program in Ecuador for people who are interested in missions.

The Quiros family, who was sent to Spain by congregations in Costa Rica in December 2018, has had a good year of ministry in their own town of Vigo, as well as several neighboring towns. They have recently faced financial struggles with a large donor not being able to continue supporting them, but they are trusting God to provide the funds they need. Larry and Dot said, “we are praying that soon their support situation can be resolved because they are committed to serving in Vigo for as long as the Lord lets them.”

Short-Term Programs

Isaac (Director of Short-Term Programs) shared that the REACH teams are doing well in their outreach locations. “There is always the continued work of learning a new culture and deepening relationships with teammates. It is through these challenges that we have seen growth and maturity taking place,” Isaac said.

Isaac also shared about his experience on the West Africa trip. He was greatly blessed by meeting church leaders and seeing the vision that God has placed on the hearts of these people. While Isaac is still processing logistics and locations that they visited, he would love to see a REACH team go there in the future.


Jerry (Vice President of Finance) stated that RI had its highest quarterly income ever in 4Q after previously setting a record in 3Q. By all measures, RI ended the year in a strong financial position. Several large gifts accounted for much of the increase over 2018 giving. RI is grateful for the many churches and individuals who make it possible for workers to go and remain on the field and continues to ask God to provide our daily bread.

Staff/Worker Update

  • Ivy was appointed to a three-year term in North Africa
  • Firman departed for Thailand on January 8, 2020
  • Cora was reappointed for an additional year for her internship in North Africa
  • Phil and Maretta were reappointed for a four-year term in Spain

Mediterranean Region

North Africa

Kevin (Mediterranean Regional Director) reported that Raleigh and Opal have recently accepted the role of North Africa Team Leaders as there has been a need for more intentional leadership on the field. Raleigh is continuing his studies at a local university with the hope to build relationships with classmates and provide greater options for a long-term visa.

Opal has been able to minister to other women in her region as well as pour into her family, but Raleigh’s involvement with the university can be a strain on her. They are both grateful for Cora’s help as she continues to work with Raleigh and Opal’s oldest child – teaching, guiding, and providing therapy for him. Cora is also very intentional with her neighbors and friends, living a life of love and sharing the good news of Jesus.

David and Emily are building relationships with those in their town through agriculture and business.

While they learn the language, they are finding ways to empower and share Christ’s love with those around them.

Eugene and Katrina continue to work on language training and cultural adaption. Eugene is focusing on publicity and marketing for his business and has seen some successes with this. Katrina spends a lot of time and energy providing structure for her young family. Kevin said, “She also gets a lot of fulfilment in connecting with other North African women who have become good friends.”

Wyatt moved to a smaller, more remote city around 5 months ago and desires to see churches planted in this region. He continues to study language while researching possibilities for a future business.

Amos and Alice are adjusting to married life as they continue to work teaching English and trauma counseling respectively. They are also involved in discipling a small community of recent believers. They strive to speak the message of reconciliation with their lives, actions, and words and rewrite the narrative that currently shapes the worldview where they live.

The Middle East

Judah and Rayna continue working on language training, serving in their local fellowship, and learning what roles they can fill that are most crucial for the on-going work of the Kingdom. They recently experienced a major earthquake in their area. Thankfully, their apartment building did not sustain major damage, although it did shake for a while during the quake. Kevin reported that “many lives have been affected and Judah, Rayna, and their fellowship of believers have been making numerous treks into the areas most impacted by bringing food, blankets, and supplies to those who need it most.”

Esta continues to use her gifts in drama ministry. She would love to see a local leader emerge as she is trying to be intentional in taking more of a consulting role, with the goal of this ministry being independent when she retires.


Pablo and Judi continue to have a vision of facilitating the formation of small communities of

Jesus followers, starting in Granada. Kevin said, “Their gifts of hospitality, teaching, and music allow them to connect with many people as they look to encourage and walk alongside those who are open and intent upon seeking Jesus, both believers and ’not yet’ believers.” They are also thinking of retiring in the next couple of years and are hoping to see 2-3 small groups or house churches form that could stand on their own before they leave.

Rolando and Andrea continue to invest wholeheartedly in their work and ministry. Rolando visits a local prison to lead church services and disciple several men there as well as being involved in a soccer ministry. Andrea is in the middle of her one-year Master’s program. She also continues to build relationships with various classmates and friends around her.

Asia Region

South Asia

Hiralal and Bindu continue to mentor groups that have emerged in their area. Bindu spends time visiting women who are believers in nearby villages and prays with them. They have also been encouraged by a young man who has led his family to Christ after becoming a believer a few years ago.

Elias and Liton continue their work visiting Hindu communities and building relationships. As Liton wraps up his studies he is spending more time in ministry. Tom (Asia Regional Director) reports that, “overall, the team is doing very well.”

Southeast Asia

Tom said, “The team has been very active over the past couple of months following the end of the rice harvest. On New Year’s Eve, they hosted a celebration in a village where they have been working. Their goal was to encourage the believing family there and celebrate in a way that would involve the rest of the village as well. More than 120 people came to enjoy the food, music, gifts, and fellowship.”

In January some members of this team took a trip to visit neighboring villages to pray for people, encourage believers, and share the gospel. In one village, they “prayed for a new believer and saw God heal his legs so that he could stand and walk,” Tom said.


As always, Tom and Candice have enjoyed the addition of the REACHers to their Bangkok team life – bringing lots of enthusiasm in worship and leading and joining other team activities.

Tom said, “Candice and I are continuing to teach English to a variety of students – both as a way of offsetting our support and to build relationships. Candice has a wide variety of students – in terms of nationality and occupation. She is finding many opportunities for counseling and mentoring along with the English teaching. I am continuing to teach a small group of university students. They seem to enjoy the camaraderie of the class and the conversation practice.”

Jonatan is about halfway through his internship at an international hotel in downtown Bangkok. Tom reported that “he quickly adapted to the demands of this job and is enjoying the experience in spite of the long hours and sometimes demanding customers.” He has also enjoyed being a Christian witness to his coworkers and has even been able to answer some questions about faith.

Jacob & Danielle are continuing to learn and adapt to a new language and culture. They have been able to reconnect with some friends that Danielle made during her previous time in Thailand. They continue to look for ways to strengthen those relationships as well as form new ones.

Jacob & Karly and Angie have welcomed Firman to their 58:12 Thailand team in Pattaya. He is beginning to study language and is joining in their outreach activities in the community. They are also forming social groups with local people in the hopes of starting churches.

Future Meeting Dates

  • May 3 & 4, 2020, Columbus, OH
  • July 30, 2020, Accident, MD
  • November 9, 2020, RIC, Columbus, OH
  • February 15, 2021, Kalona, IA