Touchstone Giving

What a joy it is to support RI workers who are sharing with people who have never heard of Jesus. Through a variety of avenues—video, social media, personal conversations—our workers are building sacred connections with people who’ve been totally isolated from the gospel. They’re sharing the good news with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and animists. Praise God, many are finding new life in Jesus!

I hope you’re also finding ways to experience this joy. One way you can is by supporting RI as a Touchstone Donor. An annual contribution of $2500 or more helps make it possible for our workers to continue building relationships and sharing Jesus with these unreached peoples, and for RI to send out more workers to plant seeds and gather the harvest. Giving financially toward this kingdom work is one way of saving for retirement, or, as Jesus calls it, laying up treasure in heaven.

What a joy!



Touchstone gifts of $2,500 or more are vital to RI’s operating budget and our ability to achieve our mission and values. To partner with us in this important way, please give using the form below.

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Rosedale International is a Section 501 (c)(3) organization. Gifts to Rosedale International are deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes. With the accountability provided by CMC and our board of directors, we seek to honor God with these gifts and use them with efficiency and wisdom.