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Touchstone Giving


Since I have begun my work here at RI, I have been continuously reminded of the generosity that exists in the body of Christ within the Rosedale Network of Churches. I have been reminded that generosity is vital to a thriving ministry; as we live on mission to take the gospel to the unreached, resources are always needed.

As overseas workers in West Africa, my family and I experienced first-hand the ripple effect of generosity. The monetary gifts we received enabled us to engage in conversation and ministry, and demonstrated the amazing way that the body of Christ worked and provided for a need that we could not meet on our own.

Mia’s story is an example of just this.

In our village, one particular family had only palm branches for a roof. They were by far the poorest family in our village, so we asked a member of their family to do our laundry four times a week. Mia was just sixteen years old and a young mother, and we chose to pay her generously. Each week as she came to work, she watched Karen parent and teach our children. Little by little a strong friendship formed. She began to ask questions, imitate a different way of parenting, and show love and generosity to her daughter. Her transformation was beautiful to see. 

Mia saved all the money she earned, and each week we would review with her how much she had saved. I asked her one day what she was saving for, and her response blew me away. She said, “I am saving to buy my family a zinc roof.” When the time came, we helped her buy and install the zinc so that her family would have a real roof to protect them from the elements. 

Because people gave generously to us while we lived in West Africa, we were able to give generously to Mia, and she to her family. In these acts of service and generosity, Mia saw Christ and wanted him in her life. She became a believer and was baptized! Now her daughter is growing up with a Christian mom, learning a new way of life that includes generosity.

Thank you for your generosity! 

It has enabled RI workers to build relationships and plant seeds of Jesus among the unreached of the world. I invite you to continue to partner with us as a Touchstone Donor. We consider Touchstone Donors to be those whose total donations to RI equal or exceed $2,500 annually. Whether you have given for years or are a first-time donor, welcome to the Touchstone family!

May God multiply our efforts and reap a harvest a hundred-fold greater!

Director of Partner Development



Touchstone gifts are vital to RI’s operating budget and our ability to achieve our mission and values. To partner with us in this important way, please give using the form below.

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Rosedale International
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Include “Touchstone” in the memo line.

Rosedale International is a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to Rosedale International are deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes. With the accountability provided by the Rosedale Network of Churches and our board of directors, we seek to honor God with these gifts and use them with efficiency and wisdom.