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Greetings from Rosedale International

Believers often talk about asking God to move. But have you actually visualized the movement of God?

Tom is a high school Bible teacher here in Bangkok. Recently, his 10th graders have been studying Acts and mapping each of Paul’s journeys. Paul’s trips seem unplanned and often changed at the last minute. It’s fascinating to see the zigs and zags, the coming and going, the almost random—yet certainly effective—patterns of God’s purpose flaring all over the Mediterranean Region.

These movements remind us a bit of honeybees and their journeys of pollination.

As workers, we might not plan our trips like the ones in Acts. They look overly spontaneous to us, short-sighted even. Why all these short trips with different workers going out in different groups? Who were all these people who traveled with Paul for short periods? Despite the apparent chaos or lack of master plan, the believers of Acts seemed to be always poised to move quickly, partner up, and train newer followers.

We see this honeybee-like movement with our friend Lan and his team of evangelists (pictured on giving card). Lan studied the Bible with our team here in Bangkok before returning to his home country to spread the Way of Jesus. He and other believers organically formed a team, and now take motorcycles to remote villages to follow up on “random” connections, train new leaders, and continue adding team members. More recently, Lan moved north, married, and opened a hostel for village children who couldn’t otherwise study. Now these young people are starting to visit their own villages and share what they’ve learned about the Bible. The pollinating bees are spreading into new fields.

Even 2,000 years later, the Holy Spirt of God is still literally moving people to new communities. We are a hive of honeybees and he is spreading us out to pollinate. If we cluster at the colony and care only for our own, the Way of Jesus is a dying crop. What we do as a single worker bee feels insignificant on its own: but with a whole swarm of us, we are accomplishing the work of God. Is God asking you to join to work he’s already doing that goes beyond your smaller ideas and strategies for sharing him?

God is asking for our action and our movement to new flowering fields for pollination. Let’s be the bees, out serving our master and ready for movement.

Thank you for helping us to pollinate!

Candice and Tom
RI workers in Asia


We invite you to join the work of RI through a gift to missions, so like bees RI’s workers can continue to move and spread the gospel to the unreached. You can give in person at the Multiply Conference, via mail, or directly below. 


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Rosedale International is a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to Rosedale International are deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes. With the accountability provided by the Rosedale Network of Churches and our board of directors, we seek to honor God with these gifts and use them with efficiency and wisdom.