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Multiply Missions Offering 2023

Greetings from the Mediterranean Region

Until now, no believers from a Muslim background have ever gathered to fellowship in my city.

Islam, the majority religion in my country, requires much effort, many obligations, and continual prayers. The striving is endless; the spiritual darkness is real.

Throughout Exodus, God portrays himself as a midwife who delivers his people from their enslavement in Egypt and into a new life. As I work in the Mediterranean, I ultimately envision myself as a co-midwife with the Holy Spirit. At times, the delivery feels long and the travail, excruciating. But these labor pains will accomplish something beautiful. Blood, sweat, and tears will bring new life.

After many months of reading the Word with a young Muslim man, my teammate witnessed as God brought him from death to life. This Easter Sunday, several of my teammates baptized him at dawn. This new brother faces intense opposition and threats from his family and the local authorities, but he has decided to follow Jesus, and declares that there is no turning back.

Through “random” means, another teammate met two other Muslim-background believers and connected them with this new brother. Just recently, the first gathering of believers from a Muslim background took place in my city.

I am humbled by the knowledge that many workers labor for years without seeing the movement of God that I am witnessing. I praise God for these new brothers, but I also long for women and whole families to experience new birth. My teammates and I pray for a long-term presence of workers who can nurture and grow this fledgling fellowship.

This is my first term on the field, but as a friend recently told me, there is no junior term when you’re paired with the Holy Spirit. As for you—as you live in your community, there is no B-Team location for the Holy Spirit to move. As you shepherd your children, there are no junior disciples. As you labor in the office, the field, the classroom, or the home, the Holy Spirit labors with you to birth what you cannot birth on your own.

Here in the Mediterranean Region, in the United States, and in other communities all around the world, God is laboring to deliver people with little access to the gospel into new life with him. It is my honor to partner with him in this work through Rosedale International (RI).

I invite you, too, to join RI through a contribution to the Multiply Missions Offering. You can give in person at the Multiply Conference, by mailing a check to RI, or by giving online through RI’s website. Your financial support enables us to live as co-midwives with God, bringing new spiritual life into the world.

RI Worker in the Mediterranean



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