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Creative Ways to Partner with Us

What gifts help now?

Donor-Advised Funds

You make a contribution of cash or other assets to a personal donor-advised fund. You receive an immediate tax deduction; your contribution is invested, grown tax free, and available for distribution to Rosedale International at any time you wish. This tool is particularly advantageous for appreciated assets.

Family Endowments

You can give assets, including bequests, to establish a donor-advised fund in your family name. This is an alternative to a private foundation. Your family decides together about annual charitable distributions and establishes a legacy of giving.


What gifts help later?

Charitable Bequest Plans

You indicate in your will, or by beneficiary designation, that a portion of your assets should be left as a bequest to Rosedale International. A bequest may simplify your estate and reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

Retained Life Interest

You give your home or land while continuing to live on the property for your lifetime. You receive an immediate tax deduction. Upon your passing, the property is sold and proceeds are distributed according to your charitable recommendations.


What gifts give back to you?

Gift Annuities

You make a donation of cash or securities and take a partial tax deduction. Your deduction is invested by Rosedale International, and you receive guaranteed lifetime annuity payments. At the end of your lifetime, the balance of the invested funds go to Rosedale International.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You transfer a gift of real estate or securities into a Charitable Remainder Trust; this gift is sold and the proceeds are invested. You receive income from the trust, and the remaining assets go to Rosedale International after you pass away. This allows you to convert highly appreciated assets into income for life while benefitting charity and without paying capital gains tax or estate tax.

To discuss one of these partnership options, please connect with us below.