Locations & Workers

Rosedale International is focused on igniting church planting movements in least-reached areas of the world. Because of this, most of RI’s work is in locations where the church has not yet taken root and the ground is often hard – trusting the Lord of the Harvest to bring growth.


Eliza, Tom, Silas, Candice & Claire


Tom (Asia Regional Director) and Candice (Member Care Provider) oversee the work of the RI team in Thailand and two sister teams of local workers in Asia. They mentor the teams and seek ways to disciple individuals in Bangkok as well as those who have relocated to neighboring countries. Tom is a Bible teacher and chaplain in a local international school and Candice is an adult ESL teacher and refugee tutor. Both are refugee advocates for displaced people in Bangkok.



Angie is serving in Pattaya, Thailand where she is studying the local language and culture, while also working with 58:12 Thailand – an organization that cares for orphans and victims of human trafficking.



Firman is serving in Pattaya, Thailand where he is studying the local language and culture, while also working with 58:12 Thailand – an organization that serves the community by rebuilding, restoring, and reuniting broken families.

Nehemiah, Mckinley, Jacob, Karly & Solomon


Jacob, Karly, and family lives in Pattaya, Thailand where they are establishing a new branch of 58:12 Global – an organization that serves the community by rebuilding, restoring, and reuniting broken families. Pray for provision and guidance as they step out in faith and bring God’s love to the city.

Jacob, Danielle & Ellie


Jacob and Danielle are living in Bangkok as a part of RI’s team in Thailand. They are studying language and culture, and desire to use their unique gifts to share Jesus with Thai Buddhists in creative, meaningful, and lasting ways.


South Asia

The South Asia team is working cross-culturally in their own country discipling leaders and facilitating church planting within Hindu communities. Elias is sharing the gospel with villagers in his area. Liton oversees a hostel for Christian students who he mentors and disciples. Bindu and Hiralal are based in the northwestern part of the country where they can encourage an emerging movement of believers in various cities.


Southeast Asia

This group of men from rural Southeast Asia are working together to share the gospel in villages that don’t have believers or access to the good news of Jesus. The team has grown over the years and their working area continues to expand. RI helps to mentor and encourage this group through periodic visits, seminars, calls, and messages.


Maretta & Phil


Maretta and Phil are sent by Allensville Mennonite Church and RI to live in Malaga, Spain. They partner with local evangelical churches and institutions to encourage and facilitate efforts to mature and multiply disciples.


North Africa

This intern serves as an educator for another family who works with RI in North Africa. She is also studying the local dialects and using her degree in education to point locals toward Jesus.

David & Emily

North Africa

This couple serves with RI as Covenant Workers, building relationships and seeking ways to establish a long-term presence in the country. She is developing an export business, while he is involved in agricultural development projects.

Eugene & Katrina

North Africa

This family studies the local language and builds relationships with a vision to cultivate a movement to Jesus among an unreached people group. They have started a local business which will create natural connections.


North Africa

This worker is focusing on an initial phase of language and cultural learning to acquire effective ways to share spiritual truth and to build relationships with locals. She will use her training in education and TESOL to empower locals through English classes and special needs therapy, with an emphasis on ministry to women and children.


North Africa

This worker will provide childcare and support for two RI families as they work to grow their businesses and make connections within their communities. Utilizing previous training in caring for children with exceptionalities, she will provide needed special education and therapy. She will also focus on language and cultural learning throughout her yearlong assignment.

Raleigh & Opal

North Africa

This family lives in a rural location learning local culture, praying, meeting people, and building connections for future work. They plan to start a business which supports economies in remote locations, while sharing the eternal freedom that Jesus’ life and words offer to Muslims there.


North Africa

This worker is focused on seeing the church established among those who have not yet heard the gospel. He is researching opportunities which provide permanent residence while studying the indigenous language of a remote people group.

Amos & Alice


This couple seeks to glorify God by loving and serving their community. They lead a small group of believers and seekers and serve in an anti-human trafficking organization. He is an English teacher and she runs the organization.


Middle East

This worker writes and directs dramas, while also training believers in the art of theater. Gospel-based dramas are performed regularly in churches, youth groups, and other venues. She also works with an experienced group of young people to create and film projects that are broadcast
on a full-time Christian television station with the potential to reach 33 million viewers.

Judah & Rayna

Middle East

This family is building relationships in a strategic urban center and discipling local believers to one day carry the gospel throughout the city and surrounding areas. They are also working at developing a business that would provide work for local believers.


West Africa

Devin serves in West Africa where he previously lived during a two-year internship. He is part of a multi-agency mission team that proclaims the gospel to unreached people groups in that region. From an urban base, he travels to more remote villages to share Jesus while undertaking economic development projects.

North & South America


Amazon River

Al is sent by Berean Community Church and RI, and works with SEARA, a boat ministry under Word of Life, which focuses on evangelism and taking medical teams and supplies to the river communities of the Amazon river basin.



Sheryl is sent by Maple City Chapel and RI and lives in Manta, Ecuador. She works with the Shekinah Foundation, a ministry operated by the Ecuadorian Mennonite Conference. She provides spiritual care for at-risk children and the staff at Shekinah and coordinates human resources and finances.

Art & Paula

North America

Working with World Evangelization for Christ, this couple is living in an immigrant neighborhood in a Canadian city. They desire to reflect the love of God with a focus on newcomers who have not heard the Good News. He teaches English as a Second Language part-time and also works with area churches. She is involved in the community and works for an organization that ministers to the Afghan/Persian world.

Butros & Amina

North America

As Covenant Workers with RI, this family visits, prays, and shares the message and love of Jesus Christ among an unreached people group scattered throughout North America. The people do not yet have the Bible available in their language, so the family is seeking out people of peace to help with an oral Bible translation.