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Special Projects

The projects below are a mix of ongoing and urgent needs that help support our workers, programs, and partners around the world. If you’re looking for a unique opportunity that your VBS, youth group, or house church can support, a gift to these projects will be greatly appreciated.

Leadership Training

An important aspect of bringing Jesus to the unreached is equipping local believers to lead in their communities. Pastoral and leadership training seminars are essential to this goal. These seminars equip potential leaders to spiritually guide their churches and to continue spreading the gospel in their communities. Your donation will help to cover all related costs, and may include tuition, course materials, and food and travel expenses.

Bibles in All Formats

The Bible is the origin of the truth we proclaim and is a constant need in every area where RI has workers. Your donations will help RI distribute standard and study Bibles in print or loaded onto discrete SD cards in audio and digital form—bringing the Word of God to as many hands and ears as possible.

Picture Books

Millions of people around the world have little to no Christian literature available in their language. The Jesus Messiah Picture Book has been translated into over 40 dialects, and presents the life of Jesus in an easily understandable format for children. Donations will help to translate, print, and distribute these books in new languages, making the gospel accessible to even more children.

Sunday School Materials

Jesus’ ministry emphasized the value of children and the importance of including them in the Kingdom. This fund will purchase Sunday school materials that relay the truths of Scripture for children and distribute them to every location where RI has workers or ministry partners.

Relief Projects

We live in a broken world that suffers from natural disasters and war. The needs that arise from these tragedies can be devastating physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When tangible support and relief can be provided, this fund will be used to help affected areas.

Soccer Outreach

Soccer is enjoyed across all corners of the globe and provides natural opportunities to build connections and friendships in a community. Your donation will help children gain access to valuable soccer equipment, footwear, and apparel, and offer them a chance to hear the good news of Jesus through sports.

Water Projects

Many countries have no regular access to safe, clean drinking water. Donations will help to dig wells and build water pumps, providing communities with water and reaping great benefits in day-to-day life and overall health.

Ongoing RIC Upkeep

Used daily by office staff, home to City Challenge and REACH participants, and host to churches and other groups, the Rosedale International Center requires regular upkeep and security. Donations will go toward a variety of projects to help sustain the physical building that serves as a home base for much of RI’s spiritual work.

Vehicle for Short-Term Programs

From May to December, Short-Term Programs hosts hundreds of young adults through City Challenge and REACH. These programs place a heavy emphasis on outreach in Columbus, requiring several vehicles for transportation. Your donation will allow RI purchase another vehicle for these programs, helping STP continue to teach and train young people to share the gospel.