Current REACH Teams


Lizzy, Kurt (Team leader), Cameron, Grace

Team Albania will work closely with a new church plant, helping with their children’s and youth activities. They will teach English to children, volunteer with an afterschool program, and serve the country’s minority Roma population. Along with this, they will engage with the community and build relationships with the hope that doors will open to share the gospel.

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Danae, Olivia (Team Leader), Ellen, Anna, Sophia

Team Albuquerque will live in the “International District”—an area populated by refugees, minorities, and many people experiencing homelessness. During outreach, they will teach and provide one-on-one mentorship for special-needs children at a small Christian School. They will also develop relationships with local youth,  lead Bible studies/worship, and mentor students in an after-school program. 

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Dylan, Sierra, Javan (team leader), Aimee, Reid

Team Phoenix will assist AIM Right Ministries with a variety of outreach programs across several neighborhoods. Through tutoring, Bible studies, day camps, food distribution, refugee outreach, and sports ministries, the team will help to offer inner-city youth an alternative to the drugs, gang violence, and hopelessness that surrounds them.

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