Current REACH Teams


Derek, Karina, Josh, Brenda (Team Leader)

This team is closely connected to the local church, leading worship, building relationships and working with youth and children’s activities. They also work with two educational centers in the city where they will study language, build relationships, tutor children after school, and serve the minority Roma population that live in the country.

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Regina, Logan, Peter & Holly (Team Leaders), Kylee

This team is working with the growing local church to spread the love of Jesus around this country. They will be involved in a variety of outreaches including trekking into unreached villages to share the gospel, volunteering at a drug rehab center, teaching English, preaching, earthquake relief, and helping with discipleship training.

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Katie (Team Leader), Joe, Olivia, Tim

This team will volunteer at a local school, helping to teach various classes while sharing God’s love and redeeming power with their students. Other possible opportunities include building relationships with students, prayer ministry, discipling young believers, teaching English, and encouraging the persecuted church.

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Sabrina (Team Leader), Jeremy, Megan, Nathaniel

This team will work with SERVE Nazareth, an organization that invites people from around the world to experience God through living where Jesus lived. This team will minister at a local hospital, prayer walk, teach English, perform manual labor, and volunteer at Nazareth Village – a first century farm and village presenting the life, times, and teachings of Jesus.

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Kyle, Courtney, Amy & Joel (Team Leaders), Lexi, Elsa

This team will join RI’s long-term team working in building relationships and discipling new believers in Bangkok. After language school, they will serve through teaching English, ministering to kids, prayer walking, building relationships with women in the sex-trafficking industry, and mentoring the children that are part of the long-term team.

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Josh (Team Leader), Derrick, Alanna, Bethany, Jeremiah

AIM Right Ministries ministers to kids and youth in several inner-city neighborhoods, offering a wide variety of programs out of their youth drop-in centers. This team will assist with AIM Right’s programs, building relationships with youth and offering them an alternative option to the drugs, gang violence, and hopelessness that surrounds them.

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Alexis, Hannah, Karlee (Team Leader), Sara

This team will live in a rural village, serving alongside Love’s Door’s staff and joining their disciple-making church planting movement, working with orphans, and discipling new believers. Love’s Door has been working in southern Zambia for decades to bring holistic, empowering development to these neglected neighborhoods.

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