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REACH Details

REACH is a 12-month short-term missions experience for young adults, ages 18–30. The program includes three months of intense discipleship and missions training in Columbus, Ohio, six months of cross-cultural outreach in locations around the world, and three months of personal mentoring and local outreach in the REACHer’s home area. A new REACH training begins each fall. Teams are comprised of two to five people and can be led by one person, a married couple, or responsibilities could be distributed among the team members without a designated leader. REACH is an entry-level missions program that exists to equip young adults for a life of REACHing up to God, REACHing in for spiritual formation, and REACHing out to a lost, hurting world.

Application Deadline: June 30



REACH is a short-term program of Rosedale International (RI) – the mission arm of the Rosedale Network of Churches.



In 1991, RI caught a vision for developing a discipleship and missions program called REACH. The first REACH training took place in the fall of 1992. The goal was to disciple young adults giving them a strong biblical foundation for a lifetime of Christian ministry in both local and foreign settings. Since then, REACHers have come alongside established organizations and long-term missionaries aiding them in their ministry efforts. REACH teams have served on five continents in approximately 30 countries.


Statement of Faith

The Bible

We believe the Bible is inspired and God-breathed. It is the Word of God and has authority in all areas of human life.


We believe that God is One and exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is a God of mission. His desire is to see all things renewed and restored. God is not a God who abandons His creation; rather He seeks its redemption.

The Father

We believe that God the Father reveals Himself through His creation and Scripture. The Father seeks relationship with people out of His love for us in spite of the fact that we are broken, lost, and sinful.


We believe that Jesus is the only way to have relationship with the Father. Jesus chose to incarnate Himself in order to conquer sin and Satan and show us how to be truly human through His death and resurrection. Freedom from sin is available to all who put their faith in Jesus and surrender to Him as Lord and Savior. One day He will return to rightfully reign as King.

Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit gives supernatural life to those who trust in Jesus. The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, generates new birth, and sanctifies. It is also the role of the Holy Spirit to empower the church and reveal the truth of Scripture to believers. The Spirit’s work and gifts are active in the lives of believers today.


We believe that humans are fallen and hopeless unless their faith is put in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Once people surrender their lives to Jesus, becoming like Him is a lifelong process called sanctification.


We believe that the church is called to participate in God’s mission to restore the world to Himself. The Kingdom of God is the dynamic reality of God’s rule through Jesus. It implies that Jesus must be King over all areas of human existence; in other words, it is holistic. The church functions as the agent of the Kingdom of God and is called to live in unity, loving both neighbors and enemies. Jesus commissioned us to take this message to every tribe, tongue, and nation.


Core Values & Objectives

At RI, we gather and teach around the emphasis of being Jesus Centered, Spirit Led, People Focused, and Partnership Driven.

The Bible

  • To teach the authority of the Bible as absolute truth
  • To understand the Bible as the definitive story of the Mission of God for humankind and our place in His continuing work
  • To understand and apply Biblical principles to everyday life

The Gospel

  • To focus on the centrality of Jesus Christ
  • To provide an understanding of the Gospel as a message for all people that transcends all cultures
  • To apply the principles of the Kingdom of God using the New Testament church as a model


  • To embrace God as Father, Jesus as Lord and Savior, and to walk with the Holy Spirit practicing both fruits and gifts of the Spirit
  • To learn and practice spiritual disciplines
  • To grow in self-awareness
  • To grow in interpersonal relationships interacting with others in a Christ- like way
  • To learn and develop leadership principles and skills


  • To fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations
  • To share the Gospel through both word and deed
  • To stimulate and nurture vision and action towards mission, evangelism, compassion, and other ministry


General Schedule

Home Assignment takes place during the six weeks prior to the start of DTS and is a time for REACHers to establish relationship with their local mentor and support team and to begin preparing for their time in REACH.

DTS takes place in Columbus, OH and begins the last week of August with a Parent/Mentor Orientation. It runs for 12 consecutive weeks and includes a 10-day practicum and a Visitors Weekend. Family and friends are also invited to attend a commissioning service for REACHers which is held on the final Friday night of DTS. REACHers are then released for a nine-day holiday break over American Thanksgiving.

REACHers return to Columbus at the end of November/beginning of December to depart for their Cross-Cultural Outreach (CCO) locations where they will live and serve for approximately six months.

Following CCO, all REACH teams return to Columbus, OH for seven to ten days of debriefing and re-entry. REACHers then return home and complete the second phase of their Home Assignment, which lasts for six to eight weeks. During this time they reconnect with their mentors and fulfill their local ministry and service assignments. REACHers who successfully complete all phases of the program will receive a certificate at the end of their time in REACH.


Application Process

All applicants are required to fill out a REACH application and provide four references to RI’s Human Resources department. Once documents have been received, applicants meet with the Short-Term Personnel Facilitator for an interview. Applicants are contacted regarding their admission status approximately two weeks following their interview. Upon acceptance into REACH, applicants will receive further information regarding home assignment, passport, immunizations, etc. Applicants will receive information regarding their team assignment around the middle of June.


Making the Commitment

To be accepted into REACH, applicants must commit to:

  1. Affirmation of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord.
  2. Personal integrity and Christ-like character.
  3. Personal practice of spiritual disciplines.
  4. Relationships characterized by love, self-sacrifice, humility, and encouragement.
  5. Recognition of and submission to REACH authority (including both authority figures and REACH policy).
  6. Focus on sharing Christ contextually and relationally in word and deed as opportunity affords.
  7. Continued relationship with home congregation and REACH support team.
  8. Wholehearted involvement in cross-cultural outreach and ministry opportunities, locally and abroad.


Three Components to the REACH Experience

Component 1: Home Assignment

Our goal is to equip and train REACHers both for their time of service and ministry in REACH as well as for their future of service and ministry within the context of their local churches and communities, as well as abroad. However, we have found that REACH alumni often struggle to translate and apply what they learned while in REACH to their local home culture. While other issues also factor into this dilemma (stage of life, local situation, etc.), we recognize that aspects of the REACH experience such as the intense focus on personal spiritual development, deep interpersonal relationships and team life, ministry and service, etc., set REACHers up for potential conflict when they re-enter their home culture where the focus is more nebulous.

With this in mind, REACH has developed a new approach to short-term missions preparation and re-entry called Home Assignment which begins and ends a participant’s time in the program. During the Pre-DTS Home Assignment, each REACHer finds and connects with a mentor from their home congregation, forms and interacts with their support team, researches their CCO location and presents it to their support team, and raises financial and prayer support. The mentoring relationship is the key aspect of Home Assignment and continues long distance during the REACHers time in DTS and CCO.

At the end of CCO, re-entry continues with six to ten weeks of Home Assignment in which REACHers reconnect with their local mentors and home churches as well as complete specific ministry and service assignments in the context of their home churches and communities. Home Assignment provides them with structure, responsibility, community and accountability as they readjust and integrate back into their local real-life environment.


Component 2: Discipleship Training School (DTS)

REACH DTS is an intense three-month discipleship and short-term missions training strategically formatted to lay a strong Biblical foundation, optimize spiritual growth, and discern the participants’ preparedness for CCO. Young adults are equipped not just for the short-term missions experience, but for a lifetime of kingdom service and relationship with Jesus.

Basic Daily Schedule

REACHers begin every week day with personal quiet time. From 9 a.m. to noon they participate in corporate worship and teaching sessions. Teachings focus on personal discipleship, interpersonal relationships, and entry-level missions training. REACH participants spend a large amount of time together as teams involved in ministry and service projects, doing team building activities and preparing for CCO. They also spend their afternoons and evenings fulfilling personal responsibilities such as Scripture memorization, reading assignments, and exercise requirements. Participants should expect a rigorous schedule during DTS.

REACH Policy

While in REACH, participants are asked to give up liberties and conveniences such as personal transportation, laptops, and cell phones. Limited phone and internet services are available at the Rosedale International Center.

All participants are expected to dress in ways that are appropriate for co-ed living.

Participants who are in dating relationships prior to REACH are asked to put them on the back burner during their time in REACH (general DTS communication and visitation guidelines apply). Exclusive relationships are prohibited (whether cliques or dating relationships) while in REACH. Participants who violate this policy will be sent home.

All restrictions are due to the intense nature of REACH and are viewed as preparation for both DTS and CCO.


Component 3: Cross-Cultural Outreach (CCO)

Outreach Locations

The primary emphasis of CCO is sharing Jesus through relationships and service. REACHers are encouraged to build friendships and understand their cultural context and personal needs, and then share Jesus in a culturally relevant way. REACH seeks to come alongside and aid long-term missionaries and established organizations.

REACH focuses on sending teams to areas of the world that are least reached with the Gospel (North Africa, Southern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East).

Language and Cultural Training

Teams will spend time in language and cultural training in DTS and upon arrival to their CCO.

Debriefing and Re-entry

Following CCO, REACH teams return to Columbus, OH for seven to ten days of debriefing and re-entry. The first several days are spent in debriefing which includes evaluations, personal interviews, and team meetings with directors. Debriefing is designed to help participants process their CCO experience and bring closure to it.

Re-entry actually begins the moment the REACHer sets foot in their home culture. During their time back in Columbus, REACHers receive counsel and instruction that will help them prepare for the adjustments they will be making as they step back into normal life at home.


Additional Information

Outreach Preference and Team Assignment

Applicants are asked to note their top three choices of CCO locations on their application. REACH directors give serious consideration to stated preferences and invite applicants to share their interest, vision and/or calling towards a specific CCO location. However, REACH directors ask applicants to remain open to other CCO possibilities as the team going to their preferred CCO location may already be full or the applicant’s giftings and abilities may be better utilized on a different team.

Accepted applicants will be contacted regarding their specific team assignment around the middle of July.

Each REACH participant is placed on a team consisting of four to six people including an appointed team leader. Team leaders are peers chosen on the basis of their character, maturity and previous cross-cultural experience. REACH team leaders serve under the authority of the Short-Term Programs staff and local church leaders in ministry venues.


REACHers traveling to any location (within or outside the US) are expected to obtain a passport prior to DTS. For information and forms, visit (click on “Apply for a Passport or a Passport Card” link). Rosedale International is responsible for obtaining REACHers’ visas.

REACH Support Team (ST)

Each participant is required to have a support team from their home church/community that is comprised of four individuals/couples. The ST serves as the REACHer’s link to their home congregation and to their supporters during REACH. ST members have specific roles including mentor, finance, communications and prayer advocate. The ST is involved in all phases of the REACHer’s time in the program, some roles to a greater degree than others.


Participants are responsible for all transportation arrangements and costs to and from Columbus, Ohio. REACHers should not bring personal vehicles to DTS. REACH provides all transportation needed during the program.


Recommended Immunizations: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and a TB test.

REACHers will receive further recommendations and requirements once they are given their team assignment. REACHers should consult the CDC website and their primary care physician for further instruction regarding other location-specific immunizations. Immunizations must be completed prior to DTS. Some immunizations require a series of shots, and participants should pursue obtaining them immediately upon acceptance into the program.

We recommend receiving an annual physical before entering the REACH program. Some countries require proof of health before a visa will be issued.

REACH participants are responsible for all costs relating to immunizations and physical health checks.

Medical Insurance

REACHers are required to provide proof of medical insurance effective during their entire REACH assignment. It is highly recommended that participants obtain an insurance policy that provides coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

Academic Credit

REACH may count for college-level credit at various Christian colleges and universities. REACHers are expected to initiate the process prior to participating in the program.

Raising Support

  1. Per Member Budget*
    + 12 month REACH experience
    (3 months DTS + 6 months CCO + 3 months Home Assignment) – $12,500  Note: The dollar amounts stated above cover all costs except personal spending money (for toiletries, souvenirs, etc.), health insurance, and immunizations.*Per-member budget is subject to change. Please contact the RI Short-Term Administrative Assistant to verify.
  2. Fundraising
    + Personal Contribution Policy
    Participants are required to contribute $1000.00 of their per member budget in order to encourage ownership of their REACH experience.
  3. Other Fundraising
    REACHers may raise the remaining portion of their per member budget through support letters, fundraisers, jobs, savings, etc. REACHers are provided with a support letter from RI that states the REACHer’s upcoming mission involvement in the REACH program. The letter includes a “pledge of support” tear-off returnable to RI. All donations received by RI are tax-deductible.
  4. Due Dates
    After being accepted into the program, a $500.00 deposit is due with the signed and dated REACH acceptance card. Total per member budget is due October 31 (during DTS).
  5. Per Member Budget Tracking and Overrun
    REACHers will receive a weekly email tracking their fundraising progress. Occasionally the total donations received on behalf of a REACHer exceeds the per member budget requirement. Due to tax regulations, any excess monies become the property of RI and will be deposited into REACH’s general operating fund.