Bring your Best Dish

a year-end letter

One of my favorite memories of serving in West Africa was the time of “Natal” (Christmas).

Most people did not have money for gifts, but no matter the family situation, everyone gave something to others. It was a beautiful time when the women of each household would make their best dish—not for their family to eat, but for others. Everyone would exchange small portions of their special dish with their friends and family; as the day unfolded, each home would fill with small portions of everyone’s best. As we sat to eat, we got to enjoy the finest of those around us and the community we lived in. It was a beautiful picture of what the church looks like.

Christmastime is a reminder to give our best. It is not about receiving, but about serving others as Christ did for us. In the Christmas story, the Magi brought gifts—some really good gifts, in fact. Matthew says they offered “their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Matt 2:11 NIV). They brought their best, their treasures.

The Magi also came seeking the truth. These wise men came seeking the one to be worshipped, the one who brought the truth. They knew of this promise because of the testimony of Micah many years before. One was coming, and he would bring peace and answers.

Searching for answers and truth is not a new concept. History is full of people looking for answers. Our present is full of people looking for answers, too.

As the world around us has changed over the past year and a half, it’s been interesting to watch people reprioritize their lives and search for answers. Perhaps what we thought was important really wasn’t, and the things that mattered most were right under our noses.

As Christians, we can answer these questions with the good news of Jesus. It is for this reason that we must go to the ends of the earth—where forty percent of the world remains unreached. We are called to go to them so they too can know the truth and learn the one true Answer.

Just as my neighbors in West Africa shared a small portion of their best to create a whole meal, we as believers can contribute our finest towards the goal of reaching the unreached. This year, we invite you to “bring your best dish” to the table.

Will you consider supporting RI workers around the globe as they seek to answer the questions of the unreached? Whether through prayer or financial support, your best is invaluable to the work of the Kingdom.

Director of Partner Development


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