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A Year-End Letter

from the president

Dear Friend of Rosedale International:

Do you remember what happened after Jesus delivered the man who had been tormented by demons near the Sea of Galilee? Luke tells us, “The man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him” (Luke 8:39 NIV).

2000 years later, Jesus’ fame is spreading in South Asia in much the same way. Dulal leads a team of teenagers and young adults who faithfully share the message of Jesus and pray for people. Jesus heals and delivers, and just like the man in Galilee, people tell their family and friends. As a result, even more people come to hear the message and ask for prayer.

Recently, a retired RI worker had a front-row seat as he met with this team via video call. They gathered as usual for their weekly Bible study—but this time, the Bible study didn’t proceed as planned. Instead, the team was interrupted by a woman who brought her son for prayer. This woman had learned from a friend—the aunt of two young girls on the team—that Jesus had given her a son after the team prayed for her several years ago. “Rather than spending more money for the services of witch doctors,” her friend suggested, “why not let these people pray for your son?”

So the woman traveled with her son to ask these Jesus people to pray. Her son was tormented by evil spirits, she said, and multiple witch doctors had been unsuccessful in delivering him. Could Jesus help?

Could Jesus help?

As the former worker watched, these young followers of Jesus responded. At first nothing changed, but as Dulal and the team continued to pray, the boy collapsed to the floor in peace. Jesus delivered him from the powers of darkness—and this new story is now being told “all over town.”

These kinds of stories are happening today because, years ago, RI workers followed God’s call to take Jesus to places where his name was not yet known. Now, Dulal and others who came to faith are leading their own people to life in Jesus.

I find great joy in being a small part of God’s big story! I invite you to be part of this story as well through a year-end gift to RI. Your financial support allows RI workers and partners to continue sharing “all over town” about the transformative life of Jesus. It enables RI to send more workers to go, plant seeds, and mature disciples. Will you join us as we bring Jesus to the World, and the World to Jesus?

In Jesus,

President of RI


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