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Isaac & Brittany: Saying Goodbye

Recently, Rosedale International (RI) said farewell to Isaac, Director of Short-Term Programs (STP), and Brittany, Executive Assistant. The pair, who married in October of 2020, conclude their time at RI with a combined decade of service between them.

Isaac joined RI in July of 2019 as Short-Term Programs Director. He provided guidance for STP staff and yearly interns, and led this team as they ran a tightly-packed two months of City Challenge and discipled young adults through the REACH program. Under his leadership, four classes of REACH participants underwent discipleship training and outreach—a total of 66 young adults who traveled to 11 different locations around the world.

To speak of Isaac’s tenure is impossible without mentioning COVID-19, which largely defined the beginning of his time at RI. As borders closed around the world, STP scrambled to bring REACH teams home; the next year saw a reduced number of applicants and stateside-only outreach. Still, Isaac led the team with a strong, yet gentle, hand. “He cared for our team deeply, and it showed through his interactions with each of us,” shares Hannah, STP Administrative Assistant. “I appreciated how intentional he was to check in on us and encourage us.”

“He really gave me room to figure things out and learn what I bring to the table.”

Appreciation for Isaac is a common theme among his co-workers. “Isaac was very persistent in…challenging us to create healthy boundaries around our work and social life,” says Phil, Programs Facilitator. “I felt God work through him to create…a common vision and goal that we could all work towards. He encouraged us to step into our giftings and take on the leadership roles that we were placed in.” Kara, Personnel Facilitator, agrees. “He didn’t try to exert himself as an imposing authority, and he didn’t micro-manage our work….I felt very empowered in that. He really gave me room to figure things out and learn what I bring to the table.”

“Through watching Isaac, I continue to see the power of advocating for the people you lead—making sure they are cared for, are being heard, and are taking time to rest. It was always a comfort for me to feel like my supervisor actually had my best interests in mind and wanted to see that I was healthy.”

Brittany began employment with RI in 2016, serving as STP Administrative Assistant until she left in early 2020. In 2021, she returned to RI in a new role. As Executive Assistant, she supported Joe, RI President, Mike, Director of Partner Development, and the Communications team with daily tasks and numerous projects. Her attention to the smallest detail was a valuable, much-appreciated resource.

Every Rosedale Network Church benefitted from her dedication.

An integral part of the team, she coordinated behind-the-scenes to plan and execute RI events, including quarterly board meetings, Ride for Missions, and the annual Multiply Conference. She worked with Mike and Garret, Communications Director, to order new RI merch and took charge of RI’s display table. Whether through church visits or prayer card distribution, every Rosedale Network Church benefitted from her dedication.

“As the new guy and rookie in the Rosedale International world, working with Brittany was an absolute joy,” expresses Mike. “She was helpful and taught me so much about navigating this world. Brittany, I was always impressed by how creative you were and how you brought any display table to life. I will miss your positive attitude and crazy fun ideas.”

Isaac and Brittany deeply blessed Rosedale International staff, interns, and program participants during their time with us. We honor them for their commitment to our mission to bring Jesus to the world. While we’re sad to say farewell, we also rejoice with them as they move further into God’s calling on their lives—and as they prepare for the birth of their daughter later this year! Please join us in praying blessing over them as they make this transition into a new season of life.

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  • Edward & Dianna Poindexter says:

    I am praying for Isaac and Brittany as they take on future endeavors; God bless the work of your hands and may He give you, wisdom, grace and favor in every area of your lives.

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