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Rosedale International was privileged to host the first-ever CMC Mature & Multiply Summit at the Rosedale International Center, February 6-8. The summit brought together leadership teams from nine CMC congregations for a time of vision casting, story sharing, and goal setting around three areas of focus: church recalibration, church planting, and ministry to the Amish.

Darren, CMC’s Church Recalibration Catalyst, gave leadership to the recalibration track. The focus was on building movement towards multiplication within congregations that may be stuck in some ways but are postured for something new.

As Church Planting Catalyst, Jerry facilitated the church planting track for congregations that feel called to plant a church within the next few years. Some churches are well on the way, while others have only begun taking intentional steps toward planting.

Joe, RI president, convened the track for several churches that are experiencing a significant influx of Amish within their church. The Spirit is moving among them, and these congregations focused on questions such as how to best disciple the Amish, how to minister to them without neglecting the rest of the church, and how to develop leaders among them.

During the summit, there was a strong sense of connection, open engagement, and a desire to learn and grow from the leadership teams. Each team produced a “storyline” for the next five years, including shorter-term goals and action items. The summit ended with a powerful time of prayer and prophetic words for each of the leadership teams. It was a wonderful gift for RI to be able to partner one-on-one with churches, CMC, and Rosedale Bible College in an event like this, and to share in the momentum to mature and multiply that is growing in our conference.

Summit Reflections from Matt Roggio, pastor of Johnsville Conservative Mennonite Church:

Our church participated in the Recalibrate track. I was interested in receiving counsel about how we might better reach the un-churched. Why do we have so few new visitors? Is there a cultural gap we need to consider? Are we willing to change the way we have always done things in order to consider what it might be like for an outsider? Do we value outreach more than our own sense of safety and community? The recalibration process has helped us to self-assess, identify goals, and then make an action plan to move towards accomplishing those goals.

Darren challenged us to bring clarity to our mission and core values. He explained that if people see the why, then there will be more unity as we rally around that core mission. Change isn’t always popular if you focus on the things you are changing. However, if we focus on pursuing our core values together, then we can be more willing to give up personal preferences in order to be more strategic corporately.

Perhaps my most treasured time at the Mature and Multiply Summit was a corporate time of prophetic listening and intercessory prayer. We took turns gathering around each other and crying out to God for each church. I am reminded that God said it is “not by might, nor by power,” (nor by our own plans), but by his Spirit that he will build his church.

God has greatly surprised our church by answering those prayers. We’ve already seen brand new believers come to faith! I am left wondering why we don’t depend more on God’s miracles and assemble more for prayer together. He might just surprise with what he does!

I am deeply grateful to CMC, RI, Darren Peachy, and the others who sacrificed to serve our church in this process. It is exciting to be part of a larger body that is able to give assistance, encouragement, and care to us as we together work to see God’s kingdom come into our communities.

How is God asking you and your church to mature and multiply today? If you want to talk with someone about ideas you may have on this topic, contact

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