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The following excerpts were collected and edited from a variety of recent worker newsletters. In some cases, names and locations have been omitted or changed for security.

Eugene & Katrina, Workers in the Mediterranean

As we sat in the police station waiting to renew our visas, I struck up a conversation with the lady next to me. She started sharing her troubles with me, and said that, although she is a teacher of classical Arabic, she no longer likes Islam.

We parted ways, but exchanged numbers—and a few weeks later, she came to our home. We were able to talk much more in depth together, and she asked so many questions. I shared with her what it means to follow Jesus. She confessed with her mouth that she wanted to leave her old path, and that she believes Jesus died and rose again. She has been searching and questioning for over 20 years, but now she is on the journey with Jesus!

Jacob & Dani, Workers in Thailand

We recently visited a dear friend and her family. We started talking about religion, and she commented that what she likes about Christians is that when we die, we go to be with God as his children. Our friend believes that when she dies, she will endure torture in Nakara (the Buddhist concept of hell). Another friend says she is not afraid of dying—she’s afraid of not getting to spend all her money before she dies.

As I watch these women and others live their lives trying to find hope in the things of this world, I am so thankful that Jesus called my name and I heard him. I have hope that God will open the eyes of his children in Thailand and will give them true satisfaction. I know he loves them even more than I do!

Devin, Worker in West Africa

A few months ago, Rosedale International (RI) invited me to participate in their retreat for workers in the Mediterranean (I am the lone worker in West Africa). I thought it was a good idea to go, but as the time before my departure wound down, I was dreading the travel and having to leave my community. Despite my misgivings, I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat! We were a group of forty, including the children and a REACH team.

We had several informative sessions, times of worship together, and took time each evening for everyone to share and pray over each other. This was the first time in two years that I’ve worshipped with other believers in English. I would not have said it was something I missed, but it felt like a cold glass of lemonade. I smile to think even now of our time together—it was like being pulled into a new family, but already feeling like you’ve known them for years.

“It is exciting to see God raising up his people to go and plant a witness to his name in a place where he is not yet worshipped.”

Amos & Alice, Workers in the Mediterranean

We are planning to open a new house—a place where vulnerable girls who have become pregnant can live in community and safety through the birth and early infancy of their babies, all while learning skills for useful employment. Our goal is that these mommas will be able to raise their children in dignity and community.

This new house is located in a place that we have prayed over for decades. Saints have come and gone through this city over the years, but nothing has been established. We’ve heard rumors that there might be one faithful follower in a population of almost 78,000. It is exciting to see God raising up his people to go and plant a witness to his name in a place where he is not yet worshipped. Please keep this season of transition and foundation-laying in your prayers!

Brian & Noelia, Workers in Spain

Now that we’ve returned to Spain, something we have started doing is meeting with several individuals who came to us seeking counsel. This is something we both enjoy doing—just listening to people and letting God use us through those special moments.

It’s not easy to see your brothers and sisters suffer, but that’s what Jesus is calling us to do—to be a light to those around us. It is then that Jesus meets us. In the midst of those conversations, his Spirit works through us, and he is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. He brings light and freedom. He brings care and love. He restores and heals. What an amazing God we have—and we are his vessels, his light, his hands and feet. It’s by faith that we can believe he will turn dark situations into a new start for his glory.

God is moving through Rosedale International’s workers around the world! We invite you to pray for them as they continue to bring Jesus to the world, and the world to Jesus.

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