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Introducing Travis: Maintenance Technician

By April 28, 2020May 7th, 2020No Comments

Travis, his wife Brittany, and their 100-pound Rottweiler, Abel, live in Plain City, Ohio. He was recently hired as the Maintenance Technician for RI, and the following interview offers a quick introduction to our newest staff member.

What are some of your responsibilities as RI’s Maintenance Technician?

I am responsible for the upkeep and the maintenance of the RIC. That includes vehicles, landscape, and buildings. I view that as an extension of ministry – keeping the facility optimal so that everyone else can do their jobs and not have to worry about stuff breaking.

What other roles do you fill in your life?

I’m the lead pastor of Harvest Time Church in Sunbury, Ohio. I do that and help with a lot of leadership within my own family.

What are some of your favorite things to do for fun?

I love backpacking. My interest in that started when I did Akwachink (a 3-week leadership expedition) with Rosedale Bible College (RBC). I was always interested in hiking, but after I did Akwachink – which was amazing – I started investing in equipment and doing my own trips. I like my isolated time here and there, but also really enjoy going out with my wife, which we do a lot.

I also enjoy my motorcycle. I had a dirt bike when I was eight, and then I started building street bikes into dirt track bikes when I was a teenager, and then had my yellow bike at RBC and it just kept going from there.

How did you learn about maintenance?

The way I grew up was, if something needed fixed, and you wanted it fixed, you did it yourself. That meant a lot of trial by error. I got into auto body school when I was in high school and was certified as a technician so I did that for a while then it transitioned into carpentry, mechanics, etc. Most of it was troubleshooting and figuring out a technique that works for me. I grew up without a father figure in the house, and my mom always had stuff that needed to be fixed, but we couldn’t afford it. So in the summers or after school, I would tear stuff apart and try to fix it. I broke a lot of things in the beginning, but eventually I figured it out.

Can you tell me about a turning point in your walk with God?

I was first introduced to Jesus when I was 16. That was the most life-altering. I hadn’t really heard about any gospel message or anything prior to that. Otherwise, I would say RBC. Before going to RBC, I didn’t really understand my faith. I simply knew the experience I had with Jesus and the transformation that followed, but I didn’t understand how salvation worked and why. I didn’t understand how to read the Bible, how to study, how to have a deeper faith. The first year at RBC took me from yeah I’m a believer and I’m passionate, to I’m a deep believer and my faith is founded. That was definitely another turning point.

What are some of your long-term goals or dreams?

I hope to always have a founded and a growing faith that leads me to where God wants me rather than letting my pride and my own ambitions get in the way. That’s always been my driving factor – trying not to create too many plans so that I can focus on what God has for me.

How has your life changed with the COVID-19 pandemic?

I would say that I am just as busy if not busier, but now it’s more difficult and stressful because I have to go through all of the procedures. If something breaks and I need to go to the hardware store to get something, it’s become stressful to be in there surrounded by people. If anything, it’s just become a huge inconvenience because I can’t necessarily stop doing the things I need to get done.

Please pray for Travis as he joins the RI staff and completes projects around the RIC.

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