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The REACHers have passed the halfway point of discipleship training school (DTS)! As they move towards the finish line, they share reflections from the first five weeks of their time at the RIC.

Julianna, Team Albania

The second week of DTS has been so much fun—and a huge learning experience. On Thursday, we discussed dying to one’s self. One of the points that really made me think, was: sometimes we have the audacity to tell God that He’s making a wrong call. God has been teaching me to let go of my worry and trust Him fully. He is challenging me to adapt to the changes in life, to trust Him, and to be vulnerable with those around me.

A dear friend recently said to me, “I feel like God has torn down the old and now you’re in this place where the old isn’t there, but the new hasn’t been built yet. God is about to build something new in you—and you get to experience this in-between place right now.”

God is at work in me, and I can’t wait to see how He will continue to build up something new during these next few months!

Lily, Team Senegal

Last weekend, we took a road trip to Camp Buckeye for our silent retreat. We committed to 30 hours of silence and fasting in nature! It was so peaceful to sit in the silence of the woods and thank God for all the beauty and detail he put into creation. And it was so refreshing and recharging to reconnect with Jesus and hear so much from him!

This week has looked very different from a typical week of DTS. Our weeks are typically pretty full, but this week was completely cleared and we spent lots of hours in what we call ministry time. We all took turns going up front of the classroom in a comfy chair with our team leader, our session leader Tim, and Lexi. Tim asked us what was on our heart and what Jesus wanted us to talk about, and lead us in a listening prayer. We could talk about anything from past trauma and hurt, to a lie the enemy tells us. Tim then led us into prayers of healing and forgiveness, and everyone was in the room listening and praying over us.

This was heavy at times, but was also very healing and exciting! It allowed us to get to know each other on a deeper level, and seek healing and a deeper relationship with Jesus. I am so grateful for this amazing team and all the loving people I am surrounded by. God is moving in big ways in this group, and we are quickly growing closer as a team.

Lance, Team Albania

This week wasn’t the typical DTS week. We didn’t have life group or intercession, go to our outreach locations, or have a regular schedule for the majority of the days. Instead, we had ministry week—which in basic terms is one big therapy session for everyone. I’ve never been so spiritually refreshed, but mentally and emotionally drained all at once!

Ministry time was nice, because it allowed everyone to look back on our lives and see if there was any un-processed situation, unforgiven person, or anything that’s kept us rooted in lies. Not only was it crucial for each of us to go through the ministry time, it really strengthened our bonds of trust and love for each other. Opening up in front of people I’ve known for less than a month was definitely nerve wracking, but the trust that was already in place deepened a whole lot.

Ethan, Team Senegal

Each week, I find myself looking forward to Sunday nights when we have worship before lights out. This week, Phil and Lexi decided to change things up. We all gathered in silence in the big classroom, and then dispersed throughout the building to have a moment alone with God and our thoughts.

It had just started raining, which added to the experience by giving us something to listen to. Personally, I really felt that the time alone was needed to calm my mind and to pay attention to the little details (like the sound of the rain).

As each week continues, I am constantly reminded of why I decided to join the REACH program and how thankful I am to be in the position that I am in. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated—thanks again for your support!

God is moving in this group of young adults, and we are grateful to see their relationships growing with both God and each other. Thank you for your prayers and support as they finish DTS and prepare for overseas outreach!

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