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A Roller Coaster Internship

Seth, Sierra, Annie | Katie, Connor, Ginny

Rosedale International offers several internships within Short-Term Programs. These one-year assignments in Columbus, Ohio are designed to help young adults mature in their faith through training and practical application of leadership, ministry, and service. Interns play a vital role in facilitating the City Challenge and REACH programs, and serve at the Rosedale International Center. This year, our Interns faced unexpected challenges as COVID-19 disrupted their plans, but they remained an essential, lifegiving part of the RI team.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for the Short-Term Programs of Rosedale International (RI)—full of unexpected hills, sudden drops, and many surprise twists and turns. I don’t say this to be negative, but to paint a realistic picture of what running our programs during a pandemic has been like. Due to COVID-19, we made the hard decision to cancel City Challenge and restructure REACH. Through all of these changes and challenges, RI’s 2020 Interns were right there with us, patiently and gently enduring the ride and extending an abundance of grace as their internships and their year completely changed.

I was amazed at how positive and hopeful they remained even while constantly receiving hard news. They grieved their losses, but kept moving forward in faith that God would be present no matter where they were or what they did. They dug deep into God’s Word and discovered new ways to be the church (not just go to church) and utilize their individual gifts to benefit the Kingdom. Throughout the summer, they poured their time and love into various ministries in Columbus, choosing to focus on those relationships instead of doing what they’d originally planned. They built meaningful connections with Columbus’ homeless population, and continued to pursue those friendships throughout the fall as they stepped into new leadership roles with different responsibilities. This year, we asked more of the Interns during REACH Discipleship Training than ever before, and they took the challenge head-on with tenacity and perseverance.

“This year was not easy, but they received God’s grace and moved forward in confidence in his provision.”

I am beyond grateful for the Interns’ hard work this year, and I am even more grateful to have learned to know them as friends. They are an insightful, thoughtful, fun-loving group that blessed me more than I can say as I watched them grow. I often walked into my office to see a sweet note or gift on my desk, and I was blessed every time they asked for prayer, advice, or shared what was happening in their lives. They pursued God, their roles, our participants, the people in their outreaches, and each other intentionally and lovingly. I watched them cheer each other on during uncomfortable situations, deal with conflict directly for the sake of relationship, pray for one another, and laugh as they enjoyed each other’s company. This year was not easy, but they received God’s grace and moved forward in confidence in his provision. I am so thankful for the ways they selflessly poured into our programs, and for the gift of walking with them through this season of their lives. We will miss them greatly!

Please remember Annie, Connor, Katie, Seth, Sierra, and Ginny in your prayers as they adjust back into their communities and seek to apply life lessons learned, as well as process a year full of uncertainty and change. Pray that they would stay focused on our kind Father and seek his kingdom first.

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