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Brittany’s association with Rosedale International goes back many years. She remembers coming to the office as a young girl to assist her father, Weldon, with his accounting tasks. She enjoyed being his helper and wondered if some day she could also work for RI. That dream was realized when Brittany was hired as RI’s receptionist in 2016. Brittany slowly took on more responsibilities, and has been working as the Administrative Assistant for Short-term Programs for the past three years.

Although Brittany loves her job and the work environment at RI, she has decided to move on at the end of June. This was not an easy decision, but it was made to avoid the potential conflicts of work and personal life. We are very sad to say farewell, but we also rejoice with Brittany in a new romantic relationship that has developed in the past months.

Brittany’s work in Short-term Programs has been essential. She has supported the other staff by planning events, keeping details organized, and communicating all the logistical information of the department’s main programs, City Challenge and REACH. Brittany also mentors an intern each year, who helps her with administrative tasks. Sierra, who is currently serving in that position, said it has been a privilege to work with Brittany this year. “I’ve seen her model Christ in the way she is so hard working, kind hearted, and gentle. I’ve appreciated her constant patience with me, despite my many questions. Brittany has poured into the lives of many, mine included, and will be greatly missed!”

Paige, the Assistant Director of Short-term Programs, commented that working with Brittany has taught her many things. “Our styles and preferences are quite different and it’s been so cool to see how we have grown in learning to work together and complement each other through it. Because of our differences we have had to be intentional with our communication, which has led to a sweet and deep friendship. Brittany does her job so well and it’s sad to imagine her absence, but I am excited for her as she journeys into a new season. She adds a unique, insightful perspective and a gentle, caring heart wherever she goes. My life has benefitted from hers, and I know many others can say the same.”

Brittany will certainly never forget her last few months with Short-term Programs during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashley, RI’s Security and Logistics Coordinator, who worked closely with Brittany during those weeks, said “The REACH teams have no idea how much Brittany invested in getting them home. For weeks on end, she put in countless extra hours processing decisions, communicating with the teams, and preparing for their return—at all times of the day and during a period of extreme stress and uncertainty. Once borders started to close, she told me she would wake up multiple times some nights to check for messages from team leaders. Brittany cares deeply about the people around her and is willing to go the extra mile even if it costs her personally—something I witnessed every day as we worked to bring the teams home.”

We are so grateful for all the ways Brittany has served others during her tenure with RI. She has proven herself reliable, caring, ready to take on new challenges, and willing to go beyond her comfort zone as she grew into new tasks and responsibilities. We wish her all the best as she searches for new employment and pray God’s blessings over her during this transition and new season of life.

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