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Introducing Destiny, Community Outreach Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

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Rosedale International’s 2022 Interns are a group of young adults who will spend the year living and working at the Rosedale International Center (RIC). They will deepen their relationships with God and others, undergo discipleship training and outreach, and help facilitate the REACH and City Challenge programs. We’re looking forward to watching them grow in leadership, ministry, and service.

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The third member of Rosedale International (RI)’s intern team is Destiny, who is serving as both Community Outreach Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. In her dual roles, Destiny will make connections with ministries in Columbus and plan outreach days for the participants of City Challenge and REACH. She will learn from Hannah, Administrative Assistant for Short-Term Programs, and help with a variety of administrative and organizational needs.

Destiny, who comes to us from Hartville, Ohio, feels close to God when she spends time in nature. She enjoys spending time with people, but “in the quiet. Just being with each other and not talking, but drinking tea and reading a book.” She’s passionate about a biblical vision of justice, and credits her church community with pushing her out of her comfort zone and into what God has called her to do. “That support has definitely helped me grow into the person I am today.”

During her time with REACH, Destiny lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she and her team worked at a small Christian school, volunteered with local ministries to the homeless, and invested in the local Church. Destiny describes REACH as a “growing time”. Working one-on-one with a student with exceptionalities taught her patience, and living with teammates allowed her to grow in relationships. “Through REACH, I’ve definitely been able to feel God’s heart for others and to see them how he sees them. He’s been softening my heart, and preparing me to minister to other people, be with other people, and love other people.”

As an intern, Destiny is looking forward to experiencing a REACH program unaffected by COVID-19 regulations. When she was a REACHer in the fall of 2020, she and her peers spent their days studying the Bible in a tent outside. Although Destiny appreciated this time, she’s excited to learn alongside the REACHers as they hear from REACH’s various speakers on different aspects of the Christian walk.

As the year unfolds, Destiny prays to have grace for herself. “I’m in charge of two really big things, and it’s going to be easy for me to be overwhelmed. But I need to step back, hand it over to God, and let go of the control I would like to have.” She hopes to extend this grace to her teammates as well, and to be intentional about building relationships with them.

Join us in praying for Destiny as she puts her gifts to work for the Kingdom this year. Pray that she would continue to grow in patience and love for others, and that she would find rest and peace in Jesus.


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