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Introducing Elsa, Hospitality Assistant and Prayer Intern

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Rosedale International’s 2022 Interns are a group of young adults who will spend the year living and working at the Rosedale International Center (RIC). They will deepen their relationships with God and others, undergo discipleship training and outreach, and help facilitate the REACH and City Challenge programs.

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The final member of Rosedale International (RI)’s intern team is Elsa, who joins Joe in serving as both Hospitality Assistant and Prayer Intern. She will work with Kristyn, RIC Director, to keep the RIC clean and welcoming for all guests. She will learn about intercession from Mim, former Prayer Coordinator. She will spend time praying for RI and our workers around the world, lead prayer-related events for City Challenge and REACH, and bring the Interns together for weekly prayer.

Elsa was born in Pennsylvania, but has spent the majority of her life living in Alaska. A proponent of finding beauty wherever she can, she loves spending time in nature. She enjoys playing piano, reading and journaling, and is currently writing out the psalms as a meditative practice.

Elsa went through the REACH program in 2019. During this season of life, she grew both personally and spiritually in big ways. “It wasn’t until I came to REACH that I had to decide who God was for myself,” she shared. “I was kind of piggybacking on everyone else, which is so easy to do.” And as God taught Elsa about himself, he also revealed who she was. “I learned a lot about myself and how I view myself. God taught me that I can take up space, and I can be comfortable with people.” She quickly became a confidant to many of her peers. “I just listened, and didn’t try to fix them. And God was also showing me that I needed those people as well.”

As an intern, Elsa is excited to put her gifts to good use. She’s always loved to clean—an important quality for a member of the Hospitality team. “I’m excited to prepare something nice and clean, and to invite people into this place I’ve made ready for them.” And in regards to prayer, Elsa believes that God has been readying her in the past few months. “God has really been opening my eyes to what prayer means and how much power it has. I’ve heard stories for all of my life about how powerful prayer is, but now I get to live them out and practice them for myself.”

When asked what she would like prayer for over the next year, Elsa shared her hopes to build and maintain strong relationships with her team. “We’re all here on purpose because Jesus brought us, and we have related so well together so far.” She asks for blessing on their relationships, and for grace and understanding to navigate the stresses of the year together.

Rosedale International is excited to have Elsa on board this year. Please pray for her as she continues to grow in her relationship with God, in understanding of herself, and in the gifts of hospitality and prayer.

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