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Introducing Katie, Food Services Assistant

By March 14, 2022March 21st, 2022No Comments

Rosedale International’s 2022 Interns are a group of young adults who will spend the year living and working at the Rosedale International Center (RIC). They will deepen their relationships with God and others, undergo discipleship training and outreach, and help facilitate the REACH and City Challenge programs.

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Rosedale International (RI) is excited to welcome Katie as our Food Services Assistant for 2022. Katie will work closely with Susannah, Food Services Manager, to plan and prepare meals, budget, shop, and keep the kitchen clean and in order. During the summer and fall months, Katie will serve as a leader and mentor for the participants of City Challenge and REACH.

Katie spent her childhood in Mt Eaton, Ohio, but moved with the rest of her family to Phoenix, Arizona, when she was thirteen. She loves spending time with the people she’s close to, and enjoys reading books and playing video games.

Katie’s path to internship deviates from the norm. While interns have traditionally come from the pool of former REACH graduates, Katie never felt called to attend REACH. Because of this, an RI Internship was never on her radar—until her brother Josh, who served as Facilities Assistant in 2021, mentioned the open position. “At first I was like, I don’t want to do that.” But as she considered what the next year of her life could hold, God began to change Katie’s mind. “It’s one of those stories where you vow something off and then the Lord’s like, ‘actually, you’re going to do it now!’”

Looking back, Katie sees how God began to prepare her for this position long before she considered it. In the months leading up to internship, Katie moved with her family from Arizona to Washington State. This big life change taught her how to be flexible in uncertainty. Her former job as a chiropractic assistant equipped her as well. “There was a structure to the schedule, but I also had to go with the flow, which I’m learning is an important skill to have as an intern.”

Now that she’s at the RIC, Katie is enjoying building relationships with her fellow interns. She’s excited to experience City Challenge and REACH for the very first time, and she’s also looking forward to volunteering with various outreaches in Columbus. “I’m really excited to go through this year and get out of my comfort zone.”

When asked what she would appreciate prayer for this year, Katie responded that she hopes to find balance—“a balance of putting my all into internship, but also taking care of myself and the people around me. And coming back to Jesus for refilling so I can pour out more.”

Join us in welcoming Katie into the RI family, and pray for her as she steps into this new season of life. Pray that she would build strong relationships, boldly step out of her comfort zone, and continually return to Jesus for rest.

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