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Rosedale International is happy to introduce Ivy,* who was recently appointed to serve in North Africa. Ivy grew up on a farm in central Ohio and is the oldest daughter of nine children. She is grateful for her close-knit family and the strong spiritual community she has experienced at her home church. Ivy attended Bible College for a year before entering the REACH program a number of years ago.

After REACH, Ivy studied to become a teacher and gained experience that would help her fulfill her dream of teaching English overseas. God had captured Ivy’s heart while serving him in South Asia and the Himalayas for nine months during REACH, and she intended to return to the region at some point in the future. Reflecting on her preparation for cross-cultural ministry she said, “I have worked to keep my life simple so I am able to move quickly and adapt into a new place.”

“I have worked to keep my life simple so I am able to move quickly and adapt into a new place.”

A new consideration became apparent when a relation approached her about possibly joining RI’s team in North Africa. Suddenly her commitment to return to South Asia was complicated with this new idea. As Ivy prayed about the new opportunity, God eventually gave her peace about pursuing an assignment in North Africa instead of South Asia. It was a surprising turn of events that Ivy never expected; however, she sees God’s hand directing her and is trusting him with all the challenges that lie ahead.

Last fall, Ivy began attending RI’s Calibrate training, and started reading books about North African culture and history. Her interest was sparked and her excitement continues to grow the more she learns about the people and the particular needs in the region. She has started to learn French in preparation for this assignment, and will study Arabic once she begins her assignment in country.

While completing a degree in elementary education and a Master’s in TESOL, Ivy had a variety of experiences teaching in public and private settings. She enjoys working with women and children, and has a desire to help those with special needs. There are many opportunities in North Africa to support families through education and special needs therapy, including helping to support a child on the North Africa team. After the initial phase of language and cultural learning, Ivy is hoping to find a teaching position in an elementary school. She is excited to learn more and point people to Jesus through these different avenues of service.

Ivy’s spiritual gifts become evident as she serves and listens to others. She prefers “building relationships with people and serving their needs as a way of showing Christ to them and opening doors to share the gospel.” The opportunities for this kind of ministry are endless in North Africa through hospitality, teaching, and caring for practical needs.

The plan to depart for North Africa in the summer or fall of 2020 is encountering various delays related to COVID-19. Please pray for Ivy as she continues to raise funds, learn French, and wait for the opportunity to travel and join the team.

If you would like to support Ivy financially, visit To pray for Ivy and receive periodic updates, please email

*Name changed for security

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