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Names changed or omitted for security.

Nearly forty years ago in Southeast Asia, a young Buddhist boy named Alex grew up in a small village in the shadow of his capital city. Like many rural children, Alex traveled long miles each day to gain an education. He worked hard, and after graduating, decided to attend college and become a teacher.

After obtaining his degree, Alex found a teaching position at an international school in the capital city. During his fifteen years at this school, he found faith through the lived example of his coworkers. It was also during this time that a dream grew in the hearts of him and his wife Lydia—to return to his village and establish a school that would offer a quality education and a foundation for the children of his community.

A dream grew in their hearts….to establish a school that would offer a quality education and a foundation for the children of his community.

As this dream too shape, the couple began to share their hopes with Rose, an American coworker and friend. Though they never asked for her help, Rose began to look for ways to become involved. She connected with Rosedale Business Group (RBG), who decided to partner with Alex and Lydia to bring their dream to reality.

Their school will be called “The Rock,” in honor of their son by the same name. In August of 2022, they will open as a nursery and Kindergarten with four classrooms and twelve teachers. As students grow older and as enrollment increases, they plan to expand to include grades one through five.

Alex and Lydia’s thirty years of combined experience at the international school prepared them well to operate a school and provide an excellent education. Their school will offer English classes, allowing students to become bilingual. Teachers will prioritize hands-on learning, motor skills, and reading—factors which will set them apart from other schools in the country. A safe, encouraging environment will enable students to learn, grown, and gain access to further educational opportunities.

Their day-to-day lives can be an authentic example of love and faith.

Beyond a quality education, the school will provide fertile ground where seeds can be planted, watered, and matured. Many in their village have no understanding of the good news, and Alex and Lydia know that their day-to-day lives can be an authentic example of love and faith. It was this relational approach that brought transformation to their own hearts years ago.

The opportunity to plant seeds could travel farther than their own village, however. In recent years, as the capital city of this Southeast Asian country has grown denser, the government has relocated several departments. Many government officials now work near the site of the future school. It’s a strong possibility that many of their children will attend—which in turn could create a unique opportunity for the school’s influence to reach those who make decisions for the country.

Looking even further into the future, the school hopes to provide a stepping stone for many other young “Alex’s”. Through his education and career as an educator, Alex found faith and a desire to bring Truth to others. It is our hope that Alex’s school will raise up a new generation of Southeast Asian leaders who will take the light into their own careers, meeting those desperate for Truth and direction.

Through the generosity of CMC and other investors, much of the $90,000 loan needed to build the school has been met. Now, we invite you to discern how you might partner with RBG in committing to the school’s future. As the school opens in 2022, opportunities will arise to provide school supplies, sponsor students, or serve in the school. As always, we ask for your prayers of blessing over Alex, Lydia, and their school. Their work will influence many in Southeast Asia, and we’re excited that CMC has a small part to play.

More project information and updates will be available soon. Click here to connect with RBG and The Rock School.

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