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A Glimpse Into Your Giving

COVID-19 has perpetuated a large-scale decline in the quality of life for many people – most notably those in poverty-stricken regions – across the globe. When Rosedale International put out a plea for financial assistance, many of you generously gave to our Global Relief Fund. From these gifts, we have been able to bless individuals and families throughout Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Spain, Thailand, and three South Asian regions.

Many photo and video updates from our international friends and teammates over the last months have provided evidence of the blessings. As food and medical supplies have been distributed to the areas deemed the hardest hit by the pandemic, the visual updates (seen here) have allowed us to connect real faces and places with the funds that have gone out. RI’s team in South Asia recently sent us a few short biographies that highlight the lives of three families deeply affected by the pandemic. We would like to share them with you, and offer you a glimpse into your giving.


Sushila’s family (three sons and one daughter) have always been poor, but they have found ways to manage through life’s hard times. However, COVID-19 has made their situation much worse. One of her sons lost his job because of the pandemic, and every day is a struggle for them. She would like to thank RI for supporting her family through the relief fund. Your gift was incredibly helpful to them and allowed her to be able to purchase food for the family. Sushila and her family are very grateful and are praying for your mission and those who donated to this fund.


Jugendro, in his 50’s, is a day laborer with four children. Two of his sons were married and then later separated from their wives and returned home. During COVID-19, he has been very sick and can’t earn an income. He is living hand to mouth and can’t afford medical treatments. When the team knocked on his door to offer help, he welcomed them in and talked about his situation. Once he received financial help, he and his family were very grateful and began to cry. Please pray for Jugendro and his family; pray that God will prepare their hearts and minds to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was shared.


Anil lives in a multi-generational household with his two brothers – Ajit and Apu – all of them married. Their parents live with them as well. They have all worked as sweepers, but because of COVID-19, Anil is currently the only wage-earning member of their family. They are passing through an incredibly difficult time, where they often go without eating from morning until evening because they can’t afford to buy food. When they received the relief funds from RI, they were extremely happy and declared the gift a blessing from God. The amount is small, but they know that God is hearing their prayers and will offer comfort. They also requested that you continue praying for them and that God would bless you for your generosity.

We are humbled by their stories and want to thank everyone who has given to the Global Relief Fund so far. Please remember these individuals and all of the families around the world who are being impacted by the challenges of the pandemic.


Click here to learn more about the Global Relief Fund.

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