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Introducing Courtney, Administrative Intern

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Rosedale International’s 2021 Interns are a group of seven REACH graduates. They will spend the year deepening their relationship with God and maturing their faith through training and practical application of leadership, ministry, and service. Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to learn about each Intern. We’re excited to introduce them to you, and are looking forward to watching them grow this year!

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The newest addition to Rosedale International’s administrative team is Courtney, Short-Term Programs Administrative Intern. In her role, Courtney will work closely with Hannah, Short-Term Programs Administrative Assistant. She will help with a variety of administrative and organizational needs, and serve in a mentoring role during City Challenge and REACH.

Courtney grew up in Apple Creek, Ohio, as the oldest of three siblings. She enjoys playing ukulele and listening to music, and becomes animated when talking about her interests in art and science. She’s also passionate about working with children; in high school, she assisted in preschool and kindergarten classes, and was active in her church’s Sunday school and VBS programs. Between REACH and Internship, she worked as an elementary school custodian—a job she loved for its opportunity to interact with young students.

Courtney put her love for children to good use when she traveled to Thailand with REACH last year. While in the country, Courtney and her team taught English to elementary students and served at an after-school program. “I was excited, and I was a little nervous because I’d never been in a teaching role before.” Although outreach was overwhelming at times, Courtney enjoyed spending time with the students, and was grateful to gain teaching experience.

Courtney remembers outreach as a time of learning to trust God’s plan for her life. “I really learned to rely on God’s strength and to trust that he knows exactly what’s good for me—that his plans are good.” As she transitions into her role at the Rosedale International Center (RIC), Courtney knows she’ll continue to learn that lesson; with COVID-19 still affecting plans for City Challenge and REACH, the future looks uncertain. “I have to let go of my expectations and trust that whatever happens, it will still be a good year. I will still grow, I will still learn, and I will still make an impact on the people I come in contact with.”

Despite this uncertainty, Courtney is optimistic about the year ahead. She is excited to mentor the young adults who will participate in City Challenge and REACH, and is happy to be back in the RIC surrounded by a God-focused community. We’re grateful that she’s returned to serve as our Administrative Intern, and are looking forward to watching her learn and grow over the coming year.

Please pray for strength and unity among the Interns as they adjust to their roles. Pray specifically for Courtney that she will be intentional in her relationships with others, and will have patience and trust as she steps out of her comfort zone and embraces change.

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