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Introducing Olivia, Community Outreach Intern

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Rosedale International’s 2021 Interns are a group of seven REACH graduates. They will spend the year deepening their relationship with God and maturing their faith through training and practical application of leadership, ministry, and service. Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to learn about each Intern. We’re excited to introduce them to you, and are looking forward to watching them grow this year!

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The third member of Rosedale International’s 2021 Intern team is Olivia, Community Outreach Intern. As Community Outreach Intern, Olivia will serve as a leader and mentor for Short-Term Programs. She will work to make connections with Columbus-based ministries, and will plan outreach days for City Challenge and REACH participants.

Olivia hails from Hicksville, Indiana, and is the third of four sisters. She grew up exploring the woods on her grandparents’ farm, and still loves being outdoors when the weather is nice. Before coming to Columbus, she was involved in her church back home, and spent time leading the junior high youth group. She is passionate about overseas missions, and her heart is burdened for those without access to education.

During her time with REACH, Olivia traveled to Indochina, where she and her team assisted at an international school. Looking back, she can see how her time in discipleship training and overseas was formative in her spiritual life. She learned how to hear God’s voice, and gained a new boldness to follow his direction. “My relationship with God was changed forever. I understand him in a different way; he seems more personal, and I understand more aspects of him. Before, feeling like God had spoken to me was a rare occurrence. Now, it’s a lot easier to hear God’s voice and then follow through with what he says to do.”

As she anticipates a year of Internship, Olivia is grateful to live in community with others who are passionate about Jesus, and she looks forward to building deeper relationships with her fellow Interns. She’s also excited to serve the city of Columbus through outreach. Olivia loves getting people excited about Jesus, and her excitement is contagious.

When she finishes her year as Community Outreach Intern, Olivia plans to enter long-term missions. She’s felt since high school that she is called to the mission field, and this call was confirmed during her time as a REACH student. Through an intense spiritual experience during discipleship training, Olivia heard God direct her to a specific country and a specific time to go.

God has clearly given Olivia a fire with which to spread the gospel. We’re excited to watch her share that passion with others this year, and are looking forward to watching her continue to grow in boldness and faith.

Please pray for strength and unity among the Interns as they adjust to their roles. Pray specifically for Olivia that she would lay down her desires and expectations for the year, allowing God to lead. Pray that she would be intentional with her time and words to glorify God and uplift her team.

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