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Introducing Regina, Hospitality Intern

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Rosedale International’s 2021 Interns are a group of seven REACH graduates. They will spend the year deepening their relationship with God and maturing their faith through training and application of leadership, ministry, and service. Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to learn about each Intern. We’re excited to introduce them to you, and are looking forward to watching them grow this year!

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The last of Rosedale International (RI)’s 2021 Interns to be introduced is Regina. Regina joins RI staff as the second Hospitality Intern. As part of the Rosedale International Center (RIC)’s Hospitality team, Regina will work alongside Karina, Hospitality Intern, and Kristyn, RIC Director, to keep the RIC clean and prepared for guests. She will help to coordinate events, and will serve in a leadership role during REACH and City Challenge.

Regina comes to us from Apple Creek, Ohio, where she grew up with her six siblings. During high school, Regina became involved with Fairlawn Mennonite Church’s youth group, and served as a counselor at Bethel Camp. She credits these experiences with other young Christians as times which deepened her relationship with God. Regina enjoys spending time with others, and enjoys reading and the occasional artistic endeavor. She’s also up for spending time outdoors, and enjoys “just wandering” in beautiful places.

During her time in the REACH program, Regina served in the Himalayas. She and her team traveled to different villages in the region, where they preached at local churches, taught English,  shared their testimonies and studied the Bible with local people. It was through these many interactions that Regina began to learn the importance of building meaningful relationships with other Christians. “Through DTS and outreach, I grew in being open and vulnerable with people. I learned the value of having people around me who can encourage me in my relationship with God.”

Although she still finds it difficult to share her thoughts and struggles with others, Regina is leaning into that discomfort as she enters this year of Internship at the RIC. She’s looking forward to building relationships with her fellow Interns, and is excited to get to know the young adults who will come to the RIC for City Challenge and REACH. “I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like to have groups of people here.”

After completing her year of Internship, Regina is interested in continuing to care for others. Although she’s not quite sure which path to take, she’s considering a career in patient care. “Right now, my idea is nursing, but my plans could change. I might work towards becoming a midwife or something similar.”

Regardless of where she ends up, Regina hopes to continue growing her relationships with Christ and others—and Rosedale International is excited to walk with her as she does so. We’re grateful for her willingness to serve our agency with her gifts, and are looking forward to watching Regina grow and learn this year.

Please pray for strength and unity among the Interns as they adjust to their roles. Pray specifically for Regina that she would have an abundance of patience, joy, and energy as she serves others this year.

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