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Introducing Karina, Hospitality Intern

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Rosedale International’s 2021 Interns are a group of seven REACH graduates. They will spend the year deepening their relationship with God and maturing their faith through training and application of leadership, ministry, and service. Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to learn about each Intern. We’re excited to introduce them to you, and are looking forward to watching them grow this year!

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The first of two additions to Rosedale International (RI)’s hospitality staff is Karina, Hospitality Intern. As Hospitality Intern, Karina will work to keep the Rosedale International Center (RIC) a clean, welcoming place for guests. During City Challenge and REACH, she will provide leadership, coordinate events, and disciple the young adults who participate in RI’s Short-Term Programs.

Karina comes to us from Salisbury, Pennsylvania, where she attended Maple Glen Church. An old soul at heart, she loves reading, puzzling, discovering new music, and going for walks in the woods. She’s recently found a hobby in coloring books, and enjoys quality time with friends. She’s also a big fan of coffee—while she’s in Columbus, she plans to complete the Columbus Coffee Experience, a tour of seventeen local coffee shops.

During her time with REACH, Karina traveled to Albania, where she worked at a preschool for Roma children. Although she knew she was called to serve, Karina found that caring for young children, paired with the burden of a language barrier, could often be emotionally and mentally draining. She sometimes struggled to remember the reason she was in Albania. It was through this stretching and emptying, however, that she truly learned the heart of sacrificial work—”I’m not doing this because want to do this. I’m doing this because we’re called to love other people. I’m doing this for God, not for me.”

She hopes to keep that same mindset as she works as an Intern. Although throughout the year Karina may feel tired or discouraged, she wants to remember that “this is something I’m called to do, and I’m going to do it for God and his glory and his kingdom.” As she looks toward her year at the RIC, Karina is grateful to live in a lifegiving community where God is the central focus—and she’s excited to pour into City Challenge and REACH participants in the same way she was poured into as a REACHer herself.

After her year as Hospitality Intern, Karina hopes to continue investing in and caring for others. As those who know her well are aware, Karina has a soft spot for animals, and would love to someday make them her career. Although she’s not quite sure how, Karina hopes to use her passion for animals to reach other people. “Something that I always thought would be cool is to train rescue dogs to become therapy dogs for people who are going through or who have gone through traumatic experiences.”

Karina’s warm personality and gift for making others feel at home in her presence make her a welcome addition to the Rosedale International team. We’re grateful that she’s chosen to serve our agency with her gifts, and are excited to walk alongside her as she grows this year.

Please pray for strength and unity among the Interns as they adjust to their roles. Pray specifically for Karina that she would be able to maintain focus and motivation for the many tasks ahead of her.

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