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Names in this update have been changed for security.

Recently I have been reminded of the sacrifices some people have to make to follow our Father. People all around the world are making a sacrifice both when they choose to follow God, and as they continue to live out their faith. I just finished a book about a young woman and the sacrifices she made to leave the beliefs she grew up with and follow God.

As I read this story, I thought of some young women I know who are making those same kinds of sacrifices. In the last year or so there have been several young women in my life who have chosen this path of truth. But some of their loved ones are causing them to suffer because of it. Because their families are ashamed of them or are desperate for them to come back to who they once were, some families make the follower’s life difficult. I feel for these friends. I am hoping to join another lady in meeting with some of these young women to help mentor them. I am lifting them up and longing for the Father to continue to give them the courage to stand strong. This situation brings up a couple of questions:  Are we all sold out for our Father? Are we all in? May we also stand firm in spite of the challenges we face.

“Are we all sold out for our Father? Are we all in?”

Right now one of the challenges our family is facing is sickness. Ever since we got back to the Middle East after the summer, it seems like one of us has been dealing with some physical ailment. Tevye has faced the most of it. Now this week, Judah and Tevye are both sick with fever and flu-like symptoms. I would also like Felicity to only wake up once during the night, but so far this is not consistently happening. At times this can be very tiring for me. We are facing a different challenge than the young women I mentioned above, but it is still a challenge – and one that the Father sees and cares about. I am thankful for a Father who cares about every hard area that we face. I want to continue to lean on him as I make these sacrifices so that more people will know him.

Please lift up the health and ministry of this family as they serve God in the Middle East. Also take some time this week to think about what sacrifices God may be asking you to make to further the Kingdom.

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